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Learn the insights to implement an employee branding strategy, and viralize the company's corporate content through your employees.

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Make your brand grow further than its own limits


Implementing an employee branding strategy, you will improve the reach of your contents, increase the trust towards your brand, and increase sales

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Employee Advocacy

Boost your brand image through the social networks of your employees

Creating a network of ambassadors that share the corporate content to their social profiles, will help the company improve its branding in social media and increase the trust towards it, because employees have a better credibility in front of the public

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Employer Branding

Bring qualified talent to your company in a simple way

Your company is the ideal place to work and you should let people know. Thanks to an employer branding strategy, the Human Resources Department will attract better profiles and adapted to the needs of the company, with an interest to grow within it

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Social Selling

Grow your sales by being in your client’s radar

The automation of presence in social media for sales teams allows them to position themself as the reference, and being always in the potential client’s radar. Therefore, sales increase while their profile gets improved

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Internal Communication

Inform and talk to your employees

Internal communication is a must for every company, and the principal benefits that come with it are: expand the brand value within employees, enhance the engagement of the team with the brand and improves the communication between different departments

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White Paper Employee Branding 2022

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