What is Employee Branding?

Employee branding is a trend in the Marketing, Sales and HR departments of the main companies in Spain. Still don’t know what it’s all about? Don’t despair, we are going to explain it step by step through a series of posts. This is the first one and it answers the basics: what is employee branding.

Employee branding has been developed for more than a decade by large corporations in the U.S. Current success stories? Google, Netflix or Facebook, for example. In Spain, penetration has been slower, but in recent years the idea has been consolidating…

Employee branding is a corporate strategy that aims to turn employees into brand ambassadors. Considering the employee as a key resource in brand building is a concept that has been present for a long time under various offline forms. However, the digital revolution and, specifically, the consolidation of social media, have multiplied the impact and influence that employees can have in increasing brand reach, attracting talent or generating business opportunities.

The creation of this network of ambassadors is achieved if we get employees to internalize the company’s corporate image and culture. Only in this way will they be able to project these values to customers, suppliers or investors.

It is important not to mistake employee branding with other concepts such as employer branding, which seeks to enhance the company’s image in order to attract talent, or with internal branding, which aims to encourage employees to achieve objectives and ensure customer satisfaction. However, as we will see below, these and other concepts such as employee advocacy or social selling are closely related to each other.

What exactly does it mean to have a network of brand ambassadors on social media?

A brand ambassador is an employee who has internalized the company’s corporate culture and values and is capable of projecting them correctly through its channels, whether through word-of-mouth or, in the area that concerns us here, through their social media.

If we get employees involved in the company’s social media strategy and they are willing to collaborate by sharing the brand’s corporate content through their personal social profiles, we are actually putting together a network of ambassadors in social media. How can we do that? Through a digital platform such as BeAmbassador.

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Sara Rodríguez
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