Brand ambassador in sports institutions

Brand ambassadors in sports institutions: how to enhance club branding through the team


Sport is trending, and companies that are sports related to, in any of its various aspects, have long since realized the great importance of having a sports brand ambassador, both in social media and in person.

A sports brand ambassador represents the brand in users’ minds. An ambassador is not necessarily only an employee. They can be any partners of the brand, or even a customer who feels passionate about it.

Employer branding makes it possible to find the best ambassador for sports brands. That’s why many sports companies have already implemented their employer branding program.

In case you would like to know more about the great importance of employer branding, our friends at Be-Ambassador have created a very interesting whitepaper in which you can find lots of related information.

Often enough, sports brand ambassadors will most likely enjoy benefits and advantages. The sports industry is very competitive and companies need as many allies as possible in order to stand out from the crowd.


How to become a brand ambassador for a sports brand?

If you want to become a sports brand ambassador, read on. In this post we are going to give you some clues of what to do when you become one.


Creating your personal brand as an influencer


Mingle with all possible communities related to the sport



A recent study on sports brand ambassadors, found that the average influencer needs more than 20,000 followers on Instagram before they get their first offer. That’s a big number if you haven’t been working in this industry for long. So how can you make yourself more attractive to brands?

On social media there are many groups where you can participate and become a member of their community. This way you can promote all your content to a wider audience and even ensure the status of trends. This is extremely attractive to brands and it can help you take off to a great start as a brand ambassador.


Practice what you preach as a sports brand ambassador


Most sports brand ambassadors have experienced sports in their lives. If you want to be an ambassador for brands like Nike or Adidas that may mean you’re going to have to buy into their values of healthy living and sport. If you’re going to be the image of the brand, you have to be the brand yourself. It’s what our mothers called leading by example.


Align your social media to your company’s objectives


Understanding your community is critical to branding yourself as a sports brand ambassador. You need to make sure that the profiles you use on social media show what you are interested in and passionate about, with technical words and industry jargon of the company you represent. Always try to be in line with the mission and values of the company you are an ambassador for.


Don’t be afraid to send a more general message


Once you start as a sports brand ambassador, you may sometimes find it very tiring, very complicated. Keep in mind that working a lot on social media and going to events can be quite exhausting. It is also quite possible that sometimes you may need to pivot to other more general topics, not specifically sports related, but somehow related. It’s all about maintaining a lifestyle aligned with the brand you are an ambassador for.


Conclusion: becoming a sports brand ambassador takes time


If you are thinking that it is a matter of a couple of days to make it, forget it. It is not easy. You need to be in constant contact with the brand and work in collaboration with them, and above all, know their entire corporate culture.

Like any other good thing in real life, being a brand ambassador is hard!

Sara Rodríguez
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