Potencia tu estrategia de corporate branding con un programa de Employee Advocacy
Employee advocacy is built on the perception of the corporate brand that employees internalize and project. This perception of the brand is no longer generated only from offline channels as before. Now social networks are one of the main battlefields where the credibility, trust and visibility of brands are settled.
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Employer branding or employer brand is a strategy that seeks to enhance the image of the company in order to attract and retain talented employees. This strategy puts the marketing and human resources departments in dialogue in order to improve the positioning in the labor market.
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Potencia tu estrategia de employer branding implantando un programa de Employee Advocacy
Tu estrategia social selling es posible con un programa de Employee Advocacy
Social selling is a sales methodology that relies on social networks such as LinkedIn to optimize the processes of prospecting, lead generation and detection of business opportunities in order to increase sales. To implement a social selling solution, a digital platform that connects the social profiles of the commercials with the brand’s contents, such as BeAmbassador, is essential.
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Internal communication is a must for any company and the main benefits that it brings are: expanding the values ​​and culture of the brand among employees, increasing the engagement of the team with the brand and improving communication between different departments.
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