Expand the reach of your brand through the best speaker: your team

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee Advocacy is the promotion of the company or organization by its employees, which are called brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors project the perception of the corporate brand that they internalize and collaborate in the dissemination of corporate content. This perception of the brand is no longer generated only from offline channels as before. Now social networks are one of the main battlefields where the credibility, trust and visibility of brands are settled.


In this sense, the creation of a network of brand ambassadors is a key strategy to expand the visibility of the brand and provide it with credibility in the face of a new type of consumer, much more demanding and difficult to please.

Viralize the corporate content of the brand through the social profiles of your employees

Viralize the reach  of your brand in social networks

Increase brand confidence

Enhances the engagement of corporate content

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